Here, I will put some links to pages I find helpful. Kubernetes Home Latest WeaveNet, works with K8s 1.25.4 CNI and newest CNI bins Latest containerd/cni-bin/runc installation instructions.

 - (Hopefully) complete installation guide for minikube on raspberry pi (4, 4GB+) (Hopefully) complete quicky guide to install kubeadm/kubelet/kubctl on amd64 ubuntu 22.10, debian 11.6. - 2022/12/25

As soon as CM4s get affordable again and I'm setting up my new cluster with a DeskPi Super 6C (The current one consists of a Pi4 4GB as master, a Pi4 8GB as worker 1, a Pi3 as nfs server and an old macbook with Kubuntu on it as worker 2 because I'm not spending currently $200+ on a Pi4), I'll add a howto for regular kubeadm/kubectl installation on the pi.

Update: Have an Orange Pi 5 on order, that will hopefully replace the macbook. Maybe I'll write the general howto while playing around with that one.

Once I have some stable hardware running, I'll make a containerized kubernetes version of my web server. Should definitely provide some practice for the CKA exam.