Virus removal

Are strange windows popping up on your screen ? Does your browser not go where you want it to ?

You might have caught one (or more) of these:

Viruses, Malware, Adware, HiJacks, Trojans, ...

This is not only a Windows problem ! Your Mac can be affected, too !

Sometimes computers become near unusable, we've seen unfortunate cases where all pictures, music and documents got encrypted and rendered unreadable.

At the first sign of unusual behavior of your computer you should get suspicious, it will only get worse from there ... don't let it download other malware like keyloggers or the above mentioned encrypter.

Let us take care of the problem, we run 10+ different scans and after we can be reasonably sure that everything is ok again, we go through the system and check vital functionality like the windows update mechanism. Other 'experts' just blindly run some scans and declare the computer fixed if those come up empty.